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A New Dimension… of Martial & Healing Arts

swordsticksocietylogo72dpiWelcome… to the New Horizon of Swords & Sticks, Armed & Unarmed Martial & Healing Arts.  Our Society represents the creative talents of Mataw Guro Lou Lledo – Shihan & Dr. Christopher M Viggiano – Shifu/Shihan and their many years of dedication & commitment to the Preservation, Promotion, & Perpetuation of the Spiritual, Health, and Combative Elements found common in all Martial Arts.

Coming from a medical & military background, SSSI focuses on teaching instructors and students accurate and effective skills through the study of Biomechanics & Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, the art of Self Expression, and the Philosophy of the Spiritual Warrior.

A Code of Ethics, Discipline, Humility, and Honor are the Core Virtues that we strive and live for.

Through Humbleness, we discover the finest qualities in All Things big and small… by knowing ourselves, we can begin to know others. Uncover the hidden talent within as you follow the Path of Life in serach of … The Way.

Our Motto is:
“It is not the Style, but the Person… that makes all the difference”


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