About Us

Welcome……to a new horizon of Sword & Stick, Armed & Unarmed Martial Arts.

Our Sword Stick Society International organization represents the creative talents of  Guro Luis Rafael “Louelle” Lledo – Shihan & Dr. Christopher M. Viggiano – Shifu/Shihan and their many years of sincere dedication and commitment to the Preservation & Promotion of the Spiritual, Health, and Combative Elements found common in all Martial & Healing Arts.

Coming from a medical and military background, what makes this system of study unique is the blending of many approaches while maintaining the main focus on accurate and effective skill building through the Biomechanics and Science of Anatomy, Physiology and Physics, the Art of Self Expression, and the Philosophy of the Spiritual Warrior.

Ethics, Discipline, Humility, & Honor are the core virtues that we strive to live for. Explore & Cultivate equally your Mind, Body, & Spirit through a methodology of diligence and keen awareness found in our internal and external environments.  Although we may only cross this path once…enjoy your experience with us, do your best, thirst & search for knowledge.  Know thyself in that you may know and motivate others.

             “It is not the Style, but the Person… that makes
all the difference”

            Guro Luis Rafael “Louelle” Lledo – Shihan
Founder – Director

Dr. Chistopher M. Viggiano – Shifu/Shihan
Founder – Director

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